Drækul Films is an independent film production and photography company. We specialize in unique takes on ideas and beautiful images.

John Drækul

Owner of Drækul Films. He has a degree in mathematics and physics. Through a study of physics and astronomy, he found a love for photography and cinematography. He combined these loves with his previous loves of reading and writing, to give birth to Drækul Films and bring exciting stories to life.

Brittany Myra Smith

An actress of film and television classically trained in New York City. She is thrilled to be a part of Drækul Films, where she can show off her skill in photography, makeup, costuming, writing and of course, acting.

Michael Willows

A veritable jack of all trades, Michael has a background in a variety of different fields. With a degree in film and television production focusing on writing and video editing, he is beyond excited to be a part of Drækul Films and intends to help spark the flames of creativity in order to get the best and most exciting content out there.

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(864) 659-0677            Lawrenceville, GA           draekulfilms@gmail.com


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